Training Your New Puppy

Training Your New Puppy – Local Vet Top 10 Tips 2018

Where your new puppy is sleeping!

Firstly I would recommend you train your pet to use the bed you provide; this teaches your puppy that this is their space.

You should also include your puppies’ favorite toys into their space; this makes them feel that they are where they should be.

Around the bed you should place newspaper in case the puppy needs the toilet before you can train it to go outside.

Where its food and water dishes are located!

You have many different options on where your new puppy should or should not eat. This does not have to be next to where the puppy sleeps.

What times of day he will eat!

Fresh water needs to bet left out at all times. You should try and keep to the same feeding routine every day.

Training your new puppy obedience!

The most important words are “No” (which means “Stop whatever you’re doing”) and “Good” (which means “I like what you’re doing”).

You must teach these words properly, with the right tone of voice and the right body language.

Create a variety of stimulation whilst training your new puppy to play with different objects: small balls, soft fabric toys and sticks.

Different locations for your puppy to experiences playing in: back garden, (make sure they can’t get out) kitchen.

You’ll want your new puppy to know all of these places are safe, so make sure to offer pleasant experiences in each.

You should teach your puppy to respect you as the leader in your home.

What time he goes to bed?

I have always trained my dogs to go to their beds at the same time as us mainly because we always treated them as part of the family.

 What time he gets up?

Your puppy will sense when you wake up, their hearing is far better than that of humans he will be up standing at the ready with tail wagging waiting for you to walk into the room.

Where he goes to the bathroom?

My recommendation would be to train your puppy to use part of the garden that is easy for you to get to; this way you can clean it up easily.

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Learn to love your puppy and it will love you back more than you can imagine.

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