Puppy Feeding – Our Top 10 Tips – Local Vet 2021

Puppy Feeding – Our Top 10 Tips – Local Vet 2021

Welcoming your Puppy home after being with is mother for 6 to 12 weeks can be a daunting task? Don’t worry we are here to help you on how to cope. Let’s start with feeding your new puppy when and what food can I feed my puppy with?

Puppy Feeding – Our Top 10 Tips – Local Vet 2021

Starting with!

To start with you might ask the breeder where you purchased the puppy from; professional breeders will have had years of experience.

There are many different feeding regimes to choose from: dry complete diets or tinned dog food with or without biscuit mixer, also home-made food. Within this, there are many different qualities. Always ensure you Puppy have fresh water to drink at every mealtime.

Ideally you should feed the puppy four times per day up to at least four months old. Start reducing this down to three meals per day up to six months old, after six months reduce down to 2 meals a day.

The most suitable diet should be easily digested and produce dark brown, firm, formed stools. If you find your puppy is eating its own stools, the food is too high in protein.

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Moist – tinned or packet foods

Choosing a good quality dog food with an easily digestible recipe i.e. turkey, chicken with rice; start with choosing a specialist food which are nutritionally complete.

It’s not always the case the more you pay for your pet’s food it is the best food for your pet, not every pet can digest the same foods.

Home-made food

With homemade foods getting the right balance right can be difficult, you are probably better off choosing from one of the tried and tested commercial diets.

Giving your Puppy treats

If you choose to give your puppy reward treats there are a wide variety of treats on the market, choosing the right treat is important!. Giving your pet more than 15% of its daily calorie intake otherwise your dog may become overweight.

Chocolate, sweets and biscuits should never be feed to your dog as these can cause permanent liver damage.

Meal times

When feeding your dog at mealtimes always place the bowls on the floor and walk away, never try to remove the food as this might cause unnecessary stress.

After the Meal

After every meal throw away any surplus food left in the dish and refill the water bowl with fresh water. Its important that the food bowl is kept clean which will help prevent infections.

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