Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Services

Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Services recognise the importance of delivering the highest standards of service in difficult and often delicate times.

8 key points to consider

Individual Pet Cremation.
Individual Pet Cremation means one pet in one chamber with the careful removal of the cremated remains after each cremation.

Receiving your Pet’s Ashes.
An Individual cremation not only ensures but also guarantees you’ll receive only your beloved pet’s ashes.

Attending your Pet’s Cremation.
Equally important pet owners are encouraged to visit the cremation service, with  many pet owners doing this, helping in saying their last farewell.

Cost of Pet Cremation.
Crematorium costs for pets vary greatly throughout the UK, you can choose to have your pet cremated near to you.

Choosing Pet Memorials.
When it comes to choosing a fitting pet memorial whether it is a casket or urn there is a large selection out there. Of course service providers are very understanding if you want to supply your own casket or urn that you have purchased elsewhere.

Pet Cemetery Burials.

I have found most pet cemetery often occupy an idyllic area in rural surroundings amidst green-belt countryside. This way your pet will be remembered and cared for in death the same as we do when a loved one has passed away.

Bereavement and counselling.
Of course it’s possibly no one else, not even close relatives or friends, can fully appreciate your deep sense of grief and loss of your companion.

Helpful information.
Our pet cemeteries and pet crematorium listings are members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.
Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria have worked alongside Jane Matthews, author of losing a pet, “how to deal with the effects of pet bereavement”
This leaflet is available to download here, or from most veterinary surgeries.
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