Marine Conservation 2022

Marine Conservation Gap Year Volunteering?

Marine conservation programmes take volunteers all over the world including places such as Mozambique, Thailand and the Bahamas. Because conservation volunteers are all ages and backgrounds we encourage everybody to apply. If you believe those beaches should be pollution-free and that all marine life is entitled to clean homes join up.

When is a good time to sign up?

If you are a student why not add a marine conservation project to your gap year? Benefits included are you traveling to the destination of your choice and being with like minded people. This is a rare opportunity to see marine conservation at the forefront of preservation, whilst getting hands on experience. Globally there are over 50 different projects going on at any one time.

Marine Conservation How long will the trip last?

You can tailor you trip starting from 1 week to as long as 5 months. The time frame depends on where you chose to go and how long you want to stay!


Marine Conservation
The Great Barrier Reef

Conservation projects vary greatly!  

Immerse yourself in a new culture and learn how you can make a difference. You can choose either land based conservation projects at a national park, game reserve or marine conservation. Whichever type you choose previous experience or qualification is not required. “All” volunteers receive relevant training in the destination by trained staff alongside skilled professionals in their field.

Conserve and preserve our planet!

I have selected different types of popular conservation projects to give you an idea of what is on offer; this is not definitive.

Marine Conservation
Great White Shark

The Great White Shark Project South Africa. Starting from 7 days up to 80 days. You will come face to face with one of the world’s most infamous predators.


Marine Conservation
Whale Shark

Whale Shark Conservation Research – Mozambique starting from 6 weeks up to 12 weeks. Experience snorkeling with the world’s largest fish – the whale sharks, contributing to their conservation.


Marine Conservation
Coastal Conservation

Coastal Conservation – South Africa starting from 2 weeks to 14 weeks.  Help creating a coastal conservation model which ensures the sustained utilization of marine and coastal resources through community involvement.


Marine Conservation
Bottle Nose Dolphin

Bottle-nose Dolphin Study – Croatia Start from 11 days up to 33 days. Play an important role in marine conservation by researching and observing bottle-nose dolphins.


Marine Conservation
Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation – Thailand from 7 days to 12 weeks. Choosing to contribute to marine conservation initiatives whilst living on a tropical island, is a great way to spend your gap year.


Marine Conservation
Reef Diving

Diving Conservation – Thailand start from 2 Weeks up to 12 weeks. A fantastic opportunity to help conserve Thailand’s coral reefs.

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