Choosing the right Kitten

Kittens – Help in choosing the right Kitten for your Family!

Investigate the different types of breeds on offer and find the right one with just the right personality and energy levels for your family. Your next stage is how to find a good breeder so you can be sure your new kitten is healthy and well adjusted?

Finding the right Breeders!

In the ideal world you want to buy your new pedigree kitten directly from a reputable breeder. Of course, that could be through the Internet, through the newspaper, or by meeting breeders at cat shows.

• Firstly ask your friends and relatives for recommendations, if they are happy with the breeder I’m sure you will be too.
• Checkout social media sites for feedback, most breeders also run catteries and have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Getting ready for your first Kitten!

Having chosen which cat breed you prefer and breeder, you then need to start getting ready to bring your new friend home.

• Taking my kitten home? Transporting the kitten is easily done with the use of a small animal carrier, these can cost up £15.00.
• Where will the kitten sleep? To get the kitten settled in to its new home I would recommend the comfort kitty cat cave costing around £13.00.

The best way to feed my Kitten!

• How will I feed my kitten? You have a very wide selection of feeding methods to choose from. From, small single bowls up to expensive automatic feeders.
• If you chose small single bowls! You, will need one for food and one for water, when using this feeding method you will have to ensure you feed your kittens at regular times.
• Your other option is automatic pet food feeders, automatic pet food feeders can dispense the food at set times ensuring your kitten never goes hungry.
• You can also use automatic water fountains these are charcoal filtered, automatic feeders vary greatly in price.
• What toys should my kitty have? Choosing toys is never ending, from squeaky, soft fluffy, lattice balls, and teasers.

What food to feed my Kitten!

• Dry foods? Dry complete kitten diets are easy to measure and use, and have a longer shelf-life once opened than wet foods.
• Also helps to keep your kitten’s teeth healthy. You can expect your kitten to chew dry food more actively and it help remove plaque from the teeth of older kittens.
• Wet foods? Some kittens simply prefer wet food’s smell and texture, as it smells stronger and is softer than dry food.
• Wet food can still be very convenient with single-serve pouches and trays giving your kitten a fresh, easy-to-serve meal each time.

Training your kitten to go to the Toilet!

Choosing the correct type of litter tray for your kitten is very important; don’t choose one that is too high on the sides
• I would recommend you place the cat litter tray in a quiet place, kittens prefer to go to the toilet in privacy.
• You can start helping by placing her in the tray early in the morning or last thing at night and after every meal.
• After your kitten has used the litter tray it’s always a good idea to praise them.
• Always remember to clean out the litter tray every day this will teach you kitten that cleanliness is really important.


Must have for all Kittens and Cats! 

Cat Tree 170x156 - Choosing the right Kitten
Cat Tree


Kittens love to scratch; they will scratch while stretching, and definitely scratches during play. You should get them a scratching post if you want to stop them scratching everything in your home.

• What type of scratching post should I get? Scratching post come in many different shapes and sizes and like toys there are many to choose from.
• My favorite choice is the Cat Tree; they can help new kittens climb and jump safely until they gain more confidence.

Carly Morris
I just love all cats. xx


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