Ensuring Your Puppy Comes from PRA-Tested Parents

The Importance of Ensuring Your Puppy Comes from PRA-Tested Parents.

Although buying a cockapoo  can be a fun and relatively straight forward process, it’s absolutely crucial that you buy a puppy that comes from Progressive Retinal Atrophy-tested parents.

Ensuring Your Puppy Comes from PRA-Tested Parents
PRA-affected dogs will carry two faulty genes!

PRA is a genetic disease of the retina which can cause cells in the back of the retina to die. As a result of the retina being damaged, your dog will lose its ability to see and will eventually become blind.

Symptoms can be recognised first in early adolescence or early childhood and usually begins with loss of vision at night or in low light conditions. It’s important to note that symptoms vary according to each individual breed however, meaning that loss of vision can happen at different rates for different puppies.

There’s currently no cure for PRA, which makes it even more vital for you to ensure that your cockapoo puppy is healthy before you buy it. Since it’s an inherited disease, if your puppy’s parents are clear of the disease, then your puppy will be too.

Dogs can either be tested by examining their eyes or by testing the dog’s DNA to identify whether they carry the gene. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a certificate or some kind of proof that the parents have been tested for PRA with good results.

Healthy puppy parents are absolutely crucial!

PRA-affected dogs will carry two faulty genes that will be passed onto their puppies. PRA carriers have one faulty gene and one healthy one, which means that they will pass on the unhealthy gene to at least half of their puppies. Finally, dogs who are clear of PRA, will have two healthy genes and will never develop PRA or pass it on genetically to their litter, which is the ideal choice.

Ensuring that your cockapoo puppy comes from healthy parents is absolutely crucial when you do your dog search, as otherwise your puppy is likely to suffer from health problems later on in life. Make sure that you ask the cockapoo breeders for a certificate of the parents being clear of Progressive Retinal Atrophy before you purchase your puppy, and if you are concerned about your puppy’s eyesight, ensure that you take him or her to the vets for a check-up.

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