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Dog Walkers how to find the right one for you – Our Top 10 Tips

If like most of us, your dog is a part of the family, then you’ll want to be sure you find the very best dog walking service for the job; someone who loves animals is confident, competent, knowledgeable about animals, and who will really care for your pet as much as you do. So how do you find the perfect dog walker?

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Let’s start with selecting the right dog walker for your dog, You should start looking at dog walking service providers  a least 2 months before you need them, as it may take some time to find one that suits your dog, another reason is because popular dog walkers get booked up well in advance, particularly during school holiday times.

Our Top 10 Tips

You can’t beat personal recommendations, so to narrow your search, ask family, friends or your vet. We strongly recommend that you visit all dog walkers in advance of walking your dog – a well-known dog walking service will be happy to show you their references “if they don’t leave them out”.

Most dog walking service have either websites or Facebook accounts, just checkout the comment and feedback pages to see how satisfied other pet owners have been with them.

Choose a pet sitter or dog walker who holds the necessary insurance for the job. Remember, this person will be coming into your home and holding the duty of care for your animals either in your house or out walking.

We would recommend you meet with several potential candidates, to see how they interact with your pet and how the pet feels about them.

Asking them question as to what they would do in an emergency, or if you’re animal was sick and injured while in their care.

Tell them if your dog will require one- to- one walks, or would be happy in the pack, ask them how many dogs they take out at any one time.

There is nothing wrong in checking with them if they make sure that any dogs which they bring into contact with your own are vaccinated and up to date with their flea and worming regime, these are the same questions they should be asking you.

Ask where your walker intends to take you dog- Is it safe, stimulating and appropriate? Where might they be allowed off the lead, and is it secure?

Professional dog walkers and pet sitters take the duty of care of your dog seriously will ask you to sign an agreement contract, covering both what they will and won’t do, and what they expect from you in return.

Lastly If at all possible, try and have a ‘dry run’ while you are able to be nearby.

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