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How to find the right Dog Groomers?

Enforcing the best possible standards for animal care in 2018. Some animal businesses already need licences! but not all.

Dog Groomers don’t need to be licensed.

Historically, separate licensing systems, run by local authorities, have been in place for the four main areas where animals are used commercially: pet shops, dog breeders, riding establishments and animal boarding kennels/catteries.

Every Year!

Over ten thousand animal related licenses are issued, making this the biggest group of local authority licenses after pubs, taxis and gambling premises.

Your best approach is to check!

1. To reassure yourself if this is indeed the right Dog Groomer for you, take into consideration these key points!

2. Firstly ask your friends and relatives for recommendations, if they are happy with the service I’m sure you will be too.

3. Checkout social media sites for feedback most grooming salons have either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

4. Visit them at their grooming salon to see if they have a professional setup, first impressions are normally a good indicator.

5. A good grooming salon would want to see your pet’s vaccination papers from your vet. This will help ensure your pet does not spread any disease or infections from other animals to their facility.

6. Good grooming Salons often display their public liability insurance and training certificates on the wall, if you can’t see them there is no harm in asking to see them.

7. Take your pet with you for a tour of the Dog grooming facilities before your pet’s first grooming appointment. This will give you an opportunity to see how the groomer interacts with other pets and you can ask other pet owners about their experiences with the groomer.

8. Your pet should become somewhat familiar with the place, and you should feel comfortable leaving your pet there.

Before you commit!

Also checkout any mobile dog groomers who cover your area, they provide value for money with the least disruption!

While visiting, introduce yourself and your pet to the groomer and staff. This will help to make the next visit easier on your pet. Be sure to check that the facility is clean and equipment is sanitary.

Lastly you will need to discuss any health issues that your pet may have with your groomer. If your pet has specific skin problems, your veterinarian may want your groomer to use a certain shampoo on your pet.

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