Diving into Life with a New Pet

Diving into Life with a New Pet


A little birdie says you have decided to get a pet! Congratulations on a great decision that will change your life for the better. You’re about to embark on a world of fun and excitement, combined with some responsibility. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choosing the Right Pet

A host of factors play into your decision about which kind of pet to get. First, consider how much time you are prepared to give to your pet. Tropical fish don’t require much attention, for example, while a new puppy can be very demanding. Think also about your living situation. A cat won’t take up much space and may be happy in your apartment, while a dog may require multiple walks and will take up much more room. As a final consideration, are you ready for all the care that comes with a new pet? While some breeds may require more care than others, every pet comes with expenses, including veterinary care, food, toys, and more.

Diving into Life with a New Pet Bird

Prepping Your Home

You don’t only have to prepare yourself for life with a pet, you also have to adapt your home. Start by pet-proofing your house before you bring your pet home. Put small, breakable items (and valuable items) where your pet can’t reach them, and make sure to keep any cleaners or dangerous chemicals where your pet won’t have access. Also, pick up any small objects that your pet could choke on, such as paper clips, small toys, and rubber bands.

Build a comfortable space for your new pet also. This includes a bed where they can sleep, their food and water area, and places in your home and yard where they are allowed to go. If you want to keep them out of certain areas, you’ll have to block them off.

Prepare not just your house, but your family as well. Make sure your spouse and kids know what to expect, and clarify who will be responsible for pet duties such as food and water, exercise, bathroom, etc. If you will have a busy schedule and will be working long hours, check into hiring a dog walking or a dog boarding service to handle exercise and extended care.

Diving into Life with a New Pet Cat

Acclimating to Your House

Bringing a new pet home is a big change for you, but think about it from your pet’s perspective — their whole life is changing! If you are bringing home an adult pet, keep things consistent for them. Use the same type of food they’re used to, have similar sleeping arrangements, and keep their old toys if they have them. This will help comfort them in a new environment. Develop routines for your pets, including consistent schedules for feeding, walking, playing, and bedtime. Also, teach your pet where to use the bathroom and allow your new pets plenty of time to get used to its new surroundings. Don’t be impatient, and don’t rush them — they will adjust in time.

Bonding with Your New Pet

You may have decided to get a pet because you want the special kind of bond you’ve seen between other people and their pets. You must put in some time and effort to build the bond. Start by setting aside time for your pets; you won’t get to know each other without plenty of one-on-one experiences. Pets do well with routines, so if you devote the same time each day to them, your bond will grow quickly. Give them love and attention. Pets like toys, cuddling, and petting — the more of this you do with them, the faster they will like you. Most pets love food, so don’t be stingy with treats. When your pet learns to depend on you for its food, a deeper level of trust will begin to build. Don’t be shy about showing them your affection through food.


Now that you have decided to bring a pet into your home, your life is about to change dramatically. Following these tips will increase the chances that the change will be for the better. Millions of families enjoy life with pets in the US – congratulations on joining their ranks!

Author: Jessica Brody


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