Checking your Dogs Weight?

Checking your dogs weight?

Checking your Dogs weight? Dogs are very unique, you should also be aware how they process the nutrients and energy in their food?

Owning a dog means keeping a close eye on your dog’s body score and working to maintain an ‘ideal’ score of “3” throughout all stages of your dog’s life.

Dogs are very much like people processing the food they eat in a slightly different way, dependent on their age and activity level. When your dog gets more calories than they need, the excess calories get stored as fat, the worst case scenario is, it can lead to obesity in dogs!

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 Ascertaining your Dogs body score?


Every dog owner should teach themselves simple techniques in performing body condition scoring for your pet, by regularly using this in combination with the correct nutrition and exercise, helping ensure you’re doing the very best for your dog’s health and well-being, says Jane at

Checking your dog’s weight and monitoring your dog’s weight regularly is a good start, but this can be tricky if they are a large breed or just very furry. As there is a lot of variation between breeds. “That’s where body condition scoring can make checking easier”.

Body condition scoring helps you to assess the amount of fat your dog is carrying and can be easy to do at home without scales, you can identify problems in overweight dogs before scales can show any big changes. What’s more, this method applies to nearly every type of dog, whether they’re big, small, or extremely furry!

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 Shape and your dog’s body score?


Body condition scoring for your dog is really simple if you follow some easy steps. It uses a scale of 1 to 5, “with 1 meaning really underweight and 5 meaning or really overweight”.

Using a dog’s body condition score between 1 and 5, with “3” being considered ideal not too big or not too small, which is around where your dog should be. Working out your dog’s current body condition score? Starting with these three areas you should check first.


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1. Profile Check!

View your standing dog from a side-on angle. It’s best if you are level with your pet so you get an accurate view.

Check for drooping tummy and protruding ribs.

2. Overhead Check!

Looking down at your standing dog from an overhead angle.

If your dog has the ideal body condition, you’ll be able to feel their ribs without too much of a fat covering. Their waist should be easily visible from above and their abdomen (the part of their underside just in front of their hind legs) should be tucked up towards their pelvis when viewed from one side.

3. Rib Check!

Checking your dogs weight using the rib check method.

Again looking down at your standing dog from the overhead angle.

Get your dog comfortable and gently run both of your palms across their rib cage, one hand on either side. Simply note how it feels and compare it to the chart.

Dog’s are overweight if!

You have an overweight dog if you find it difficult to feel their ribs because of a heavy fat cover is in the way. There are noticeable fat deposits over their lumbar area and the base of their tail. Their waist absents or barely visible and their abdominal tuck may or may not be present.

They have massive fat deposits over their thorax, spine and the base of their tail. Their waist and abdominal tuck is absent, and they have fat deposits on their neck and limbs. There is obvious abdominal distention.

Dog’s are too thin if!

Your dog’s ribs, lumbar vertebrae and pelvic bones are easily visible.

You have an underweight dog if their ribs are easily felt and may be visible. The tops of their lumbar vertebrae are visible, their pelvic bones becoming prominent, and they have a prominent waist.

After Checking your Dogs Weight?

Things you need to do!

Having determined your dog’s body condition score! When? is the time to think about what action needs to be taken. If your dog is over or underweight, ask your vet for advice on getting it back into shape.

With help keeping your dog at a good weight will enhance their quality of life too, so you really need to keep checking your dog’s weight?

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