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Deciding which Animal Charities to Donate too?

Before you decide which Animal Charities to make your donations to we have some key points for you to consider. I want to help animals, what should you do?, most people find it difficult to know which Animal Charities to give to when there are so many charities out there helping animals, or not!.

Sponsoring Animal Charities

People also want to know that their money is actually helping their chosen animals. This is where effective giving comes in. When we give effectively, we give to those Animal Charities that we have the best evidence are making the biggest difference in a given cause area.

Whether you prefer to give to a Worldwide based charity or charities here in the UK make sure they fulfill these points. “At Local Vet our preference are UK animal charities, although giving to Global Animal Charity conservation is equally important” Looking below you can see the three mains groups.

Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services

Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services charities include humane societies and veterinary services; no-kill shelters, organizations protecting animals from cruelty, exploitation and other abuses; and groups providing animal training and specialty services, such as groups training guide dogs.

Zoos Wildlife Parks and Aquariums

Charities classified as Zoos and Aquariums are charities which operate zoos, aquariums and zoological societies in communities throughout the country.

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation charities include fish, wildlife and bird refuges and sanctuaries, as well as groups researching wildlife protection and conservation around the globe.

Our key points below can apply to any of the above groups.

1 Firstly select which type of Animal Charities you wish to make your donation to.

2 Once you have selected the type, look for lists on the internet of the type of charity you prefer, we have lists on Local Vet containing Animal Charities UK to choose from.

3 Check to see if they are registered Animal Charities their site should show the charities address and registration number

4 How do they allocate funds,” Analyse each group individually?”

5 As a Rule of thumb financial experts, recommend that at least 60 percent of donated funds be allotted to the organization’s program or services.

6 Obtain all of the basic information about the charity, such as mission statement, board of directors and telephone number. It can’t hurt to call the group first to ask any questions you might have before donating. Legitimate groups are proud to share their story.

7 Finally choosing a charity that accepts One- off Donations or Monthly Donations, which Payment methods they accept that suites you the best.

           These are just some of the charities we are proud to  promote –

Animal Health Trust | Aireworth Dogs in Need | Hillside Animal anctuary

Kennel ClubSaltburn-animal-rescue-association | Charity-choice-uk

British Horse Society | PDSA Animal Charity Canine Concern Scotland Trust

Love-under-dogsBirmingham Dogs Home | Cats Protection

University of Cambridge Cam Vet

Local Vet  – About US

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